For more than a half of a century, our members have enjoyed low loan rates, high dividend rates, and minimal financial service fees because DPS Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution. At a time of ever larger banks and impersonal service it is nice to know you have a credit union with your personal and financial best interests in mind. DPS Federal Credit Union is owned by people just like you and we still offer the same personalized service as we have since 1953. Learn more about the history of our credit union on our About Us page.

How to Join

If you are eligible to join, all you need is to invest and maintain a minimum share (par value) balance of $5.00 to remain a member. Once a person becomes a member of good standing, he or she remains a member until he or she chooses to withdraw from membership. Once a member, always a member! *

Members enjoy the immediate benefits of membership after successfully completing eligibility requirements and the approval of their membership application. Visit with one of our Member Service Representatives and learn more about our membership benefits.


How do you know if you are eligible for membership? Eligible individuals are non-temporary employees of our Select Employee Groups (SEG). See our list of Select Employee Groups.

Family members are also eligible to join. Go to our Definitions page for more information on eligibility requirements.

* Under certain circumstances members not in good standing may be expelled in accordance with The Federal Credit Union Act and other applicable laws.