Tired of having to reorder checks, buy stamps, and make last minute trips to the post office? Consolidate your high interest loans elsewhere into one of our low interest rate loans.

Save time, gas, and money! Use our Direct Deposit or payroll deduction program for an Easy, Fast, and Trustworthy way to make your loan payments. Imagine: No checks, No stamps, and No trips to the post office every month!

Download a Loan Application today!

Vehicle Secured Loans

Buying a new or used vehicle? Need a more fuel efficient vehicle? Have a new driver in your family? We want you to get the best price and loan terms for your purchase. So call us for information on new vehicle prices, used vehicle values, monthly payments, and interest rates.

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Other Secured Loans

Looking to buy a RV, boat, travel trailer, computer, motorcycle, or ATV? We have some of the best loan terms and low interest rates available!

Shared Secured Loans

Save money! Use your shares or share certificates as collateral. It's fast and easy to get one today.

Unsecured Signature Loans

Planning a family vacation, making a small purchase, or just consolidating bills? Call us about our Signature Loans. They're a great way to purchase a new appliance or obtain some extra cash.

Unsecured Line of Credit

Does it seem like you need a little extra cash before pay day? Want to be prepared for unexpected cash needs? Apply for a line of credit loan! It is a fast, convenient way to be prepared for unexpected cash needs.

Financial Calculators

Use our suite of Financial Calculators for information on estimated loan payments, debt management, budgeting, investing, and retirement planning. Contact one of our Member Service Representatives for details.

Added Benefits

As a special benefit for our members, DPS Federal Credit Union provides Loan Protection insurance up to $45,000 for each of our qualifying primary borrowers. For more information contact one of our Member Service Representatives.


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